Netherland Dwarf

Posted by Shirae Verster on

 A perfect Netherland Dwarf has a short compact body, with a full chest, wide shoulders and a round broad head with small, erect ears (5,1cm in length).
Their coat is short, dense, soft and is described as a rollback coat.
They are the smallest of the rabbit breeds with a fully grown weight that can range from 900g to 1.2kgs.
In temperament they are lively, and enjoy lots of attention. They are not an ideal breed for young children as they can get quite grumpy. 
This particular breed is one of the most popular pet rabbit breeds.The modern day Netherland Dwarf is a gentle, curious, pet and if handled correctly and often, they will enjoy human companionship.
They should be purchased from a reputable breeder and handled with care and attention.
The life span on average is 8 to 12 years, but the age of any rabbit is dependent on care and, just as importantly diet.
Essential caring for your bunny is to ensure that it has a constant supply of hay and water as both are essential for it's digestive system. 
Please note that there is a huge difference in pet quality and potential show quality rabbits, this is explained in part in the blog post Dwarfing genetics explained.  

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