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Black Friday 2020 news

2020 was definitely a year that will go down in all of our history books. 
The worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 affected each and everyone of us!
We learnt to accept a "new normal" as we adapted to doing things differently.

2020 was also our 2nd Black Friday since opening our online store.
(all the "2's" made me look up the numerology meaning, which is super interesting).
This is from
"Personal year 2 is a year for teamwork, cooperation and bonding.
You will be serious and committed to your relationships.
You will grow emotionally in leaps and bounds".

This really hit the nail on the head for us!
My youngest daughter Peta joined our team and has brought with her a fresh blast of energy that encourages me to push my boundaries and become more innovative.

We decided to run a random prize draw for all of our shoppers on Black Friday.
We had loads of fun and a very successful Black Friday.

Our relationship with our awesome customers has also grown in leaps and bounds.
Thank you for the fantastic support, shoutouts and encouragement.

We are where we are because of you, which is why it was so great to give something back.

The Buy 2 get 1 free deals were also an absolute hit!
We will definitely be running more of these during the year!

2020 Random Prize Draw Winners!
Marlodene, Loredana, Thashmira, Ashley, Raisa, Jayde,
Savanah, Melissa & Claire.

I have put together a collection of the Black Friday 2020 top sellers.

Thank you once again for the awesome support!

Yours in all things bunny
Shirae @ That Bunny Farm

The countdown timer has already started for Black Friday 2021!

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