Blueberry Crunch Gourmet Treat

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Tasty, dehydrated treats for your bun. 

Why dehydrated? 


Doesn't kill valuable dietary enzymes and retains nutrients.

Dries evenly with proper airflow and temperature (maximum of 47°C)

Pulls moisture out of the food for optimal drying.

Nutritional loss of 3 - 5%


Kills vital food enzymes and lowers nutritional value.

Even at a "keep warm" setting the temperature is to high (lowest temp of around 120°C)

Most ovens don't have air circulating fans.

Nutritional loss of 40 - 55%

Spoil your bun today with these tasty Blueberry Crunch treats. Each treat is handrolled and contains blueberries and oats. 

Packed into convenient 50g or 100g bags

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