Mini Basil Hay Bale

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Premium quality eragrostis with organic wild basil that even the fussiest bun will love. 

Our Mini Hay bales are very convenient, they can be attached to the side of your buns enclosure, hutch or cage.  

  • A good quality hay is an essential part of a rabbits diet and should always be freely available.
  • It is also not a suitable substrate for litter boxes, your bun really shouldn't be going to the toilet on his/her food!
  • Hay should be placed in a hay rack above or next to the litter box.
  • Hay provides a good source of fibre and should make up 70% of your rabbits diet.

Rabbits are classified as Fibrevores and should always have a good supply of fresh, dust free hay available.

Please note that we only recommend grass hays such as eragrostis. Lucerne is not classified as a grass hay and should only ever be offered as a treat. 

Each mini bale weighs 250g


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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