Premium Quality Eragrostis

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We are exceptionally fussy about what hay our rabbits get!

  • This is really good quality eragrostis that is as dust free as possible.
  • We purchase in bulk and pack into convenient 500g bags every week, so you are guaranteed to get nice fresh hay for your bunny.
  • Sadly a lot of the different types of hay available in petshops is actually imported. Please check pack dates on all imported hay.
  • High in fibre. 
  • Hay should make up 70 - 80% of your rabbits daily food intake. 

Please note that hay is a food source, we do not recommend using it in litter boxes. Rather pack hay into a hay rack next to the litter box.

Not very nice to have to eat something that you sit, poop and pee on 🐰🙈! 



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