That Bunny Hay ~ Snack Time

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That Bunny Hay is a new range of flavoured hay that your bunny will absolutely love ❤️

Snack Time contains Rosehip, Basil and Willow that has been added to locally grown A grade eragrostis with a sprinkling of Alfalfa. 

  • Rosehip ~ is super tasty and high in fibre. It's a favourite treat for bunnies and is great for general well being. 
  • Basil ~ apart from being super tasty, it's very helpful with digestive issues.
  • Willow ~ Absolutely everybunny loves willow. Willow is high in tannins, so also great for healthy tummies. 

Snack Time is great for tempting fussy bunnies to eat more hay and is rich in essential vitamins and fibre. Hay should make up at least 70% of your bunnies diet. 

Handpacked with love into 500g bags. 🐰❤️

Please note, if your bunny is ill you should take him/her to a vet that specializes in bunnies immediately

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